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V:KIT popular range of GC gas flowmeters, and calibration services.

$892.50 (£ 525.00) each

V:Kit GC digital gas flowmeter VKIT-GFM3

GC flowmeter with traceable calibration. Measuring Range 0-500ml/min, Display OLED, Accuracy +/-2.5% or 0.4ml/min of reading. Resolution 0.1ml/min.
Supplied with rechargeable battery and power supply.

Simple and accurate measurement of Air, N2, H2, He, Ar/CH4 for gas chromatographs and other analytical equipment. 

$1,012.95 (£ 595.85) each
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V:Kit GC digital gas flowmeter -discontinued, see VKIT-GFM3 VKIT-GFM

Not currently available, please see VKIT-GFM3 as alternative.

Digital gas flowmeter, supplied with 6-point NIST traceable calibration up to 1000ml/min

Ideal for all GC flowrates including column flow, split, purge, fuel and make-up.

$433.50 (£ 255.00) each

6-point calibration for GC gas flowmeter RECAL-VKIT-GFM

Traceable calibration of gas flowmeter at 6-points.

GC gas flowmeter with six-point traceable calibration. Typical calibration points are 5.00, 50.00, 100.00, 500.00, 750.00 and 1000.00ml/minute - others available upon request. Specification: Measuring Range 0.01-1000.00ml/min,  Display LCD, Accuracy +/-3% of reading

After purchasing this item please complete the tool calibration request form.

$107.95 (£ 63.50) each

V:KIT FID adaptor for Agilent 6890 & 7890 GC, Hewlett Packard 5890 GC VKIT-1560

Connects the FID directly and easily to the inlet tube of the VKIT-GFM gas flowmeter

Allows easy measurement of H2, Air and Make up from FID. Also allows easy measurement of carrier gas flowrate via FID

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