V:Kit 5 Licences

Licence pack for V:Kit 5 GC Single Channel (Stds 1-5)

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$244.80 (£ 144.00) each


V:Kit 5 GC Single-channel licence pack, suitable for qualifying single channel GC systems with capillary inlet, liquid autosampler and FID.

Product Contents: Licences only.

1 x GC Oven Temperature
1 x GC Oven Temperature - with stability
1 x GC Inlet Temperature
1 x GC Detector Temperature
1 x GC Inlet Pressure Accuracy and Precision
2 x GC Inlet Flow Rate
3 x GC Detector Flow rate 
1 x GC FID Noise and Drift
1 x GC FID Signal-to-Noise
1 x GC Precision and FID Response Linearity

Standards with licences? V5-3012
Standards only? VSOL-GC100/1-5

Requires V:Kit 5 HPLC Starter Bundle part code V5-3001


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