V:Kit 5 Licences

Licence pack for V:Kit 5 HPLC Front end

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$163.20 (£ 96.00) each


V:Kit 5 HPLC Front end licence pack, suitable for qualifying HPLC pumps, ovens and autosamplers. NB: no detector qualification supplied.

Product Contents: Licences only.

2 x HPLC Flow Rate
1 x HPLC Column Temperature
1 x HPLC Autosampler Temperature
1 x HPLC Injection Precision
1 x HPLC Injection Linearity
2 x HPLC Gradient Accuracy

Standards with licences? V5-2112
Standards only? VSOL-2112

Requires V:Kit 5 HPLC Starter Bundle part code V5-2001

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