VKIT5 Release Notes




  • Corrected an issue where with Audit records for Skipped tests would not appear in the Audit Trail. This only affected the right-click Skip option.
  • Extended timeout period for database updates, this corrects a SQLTransaction exception experienced in the last update. 
  • Removed references to Cloud and Local when checking the software version.



  • Added the ability to record changes to a protocol via a version history. The version history will appear in the printed protocol report. The protocol report will now automatically print after publishing a protocol.
  • Added the ability to change the test variant after it has been added to a protocol, user's should right click on the test to change. 
  • Improvements made to the HPLC AutoFlow functionality.
  • The user's display name will now automatically print into the Qualifier name signature box. 
  • 'Cloud' is now named 'Online', 'Local' is now named 'Offline'.

  • Corrected an issue that would create an incorrect tab order in dynamic tests.
  • Corrected an issue that would cause certificate numbers not to display in a summary report in certain circumstances.
  • No longer able to change the name of a protocol once created. 


  • Corrected an issue affecting electronic signature enabled reports on computers with regional langauge settings that use a comma (',') as a decimal seperator. 


  • Corrected an issue where Variants were not been retrieved when editing values in a protocol.
  • Synchroniser rules for e-signature roles updated. 
  • Licence check removed when editing values in a protocol.



  • Users are now able to "Archive" protocols. Protocols that are archived are not executable and are retired from use. Archiving affects all published and draft versions of the protocol, these can be restored at any time.
    Note: Protocols can only be archived and restored when in the Cloud software version.
  • User accounts can now be "Locked" by a user with Manager permissions. Users that are locked are not able to access the software.
    Note: This feature is only available in the Cloud software version.
  • Protocols now have grouping levels ("User defined Protocols" and "Default Protocols").

  • Performance improvements to the operation of the sychroniser.
  • Corrected an issue which caused customer/ equipment module records to not link correctly when edited. 
  • Improved detection when a firewall may be blocking a connection during synchronisation.
  • Improved error reporting during synchronisation. Debugging data is now provided to the user, if assistance is required this should be sent to your support provider.
  • Taskbar icon will now flash if an error occurs during synchronisation.
  • Updated wording when checking for the latest software version.
  • Corrected an issue with the "Save as Draft" feature when executing a test.
  • Corrected an overlay issue that occured on some screens.



  • Temporary: allow the selection of batches when creating a protocol.
  • Additional information added to the error message dialog for the synchroniser.

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