About V:KIT qualification tools

Specially designed for HPLC, the v-kit liquid flowmeter enables easy and accurate measurement of flow rates for solvents commonly used with HPLC pumps.


Used in combination with the v-kit auto-flow software it is possible to diagnose common HPLC pump problems such as poorly functioning check valves or leaking piston seals.

The v-kit HPLC flowmeter is supplied with a tripod for quick and easy installation on a bench. The LCD displays the current flow rate in ml/min and a USB port is provided to connect to the v-kit auto-flow software or to a serial printer/data-logging device.

HPLC Flowmeter Specification

  • Display 4-digit backlit LCD
  • Flow Range 0.05 to 10.00ml/min
  • Resolution 1µl/min
  • Calibration UKAS (UK equivalent of NIST) traceable calibration certificate
  • Wetted Parts PTFE, PEEK, FEP, Delrin
  • Sensor Volume 195µl
  • Power 24V DC UK (3pin UK 240V), EU (2-pin 220V) or USA (2-pin 120V) (state when ordering)
  • Weight ~2kg
  • Dimensions 156mm x 103mm x 56mm (HxWxD)
  • Stand Integrated tripod stand allows easy positioning on the bench
  • Carrying Case Secure carriage of the HPLC Flowmeter using foam inserts in a grey plastic case

Product codes:

  • VKIT-LFM2-1: v-kit HPLC liquid flowmeter with single-point vaildation
  • VKIT-LFM2-2: v-kit HPLC liquid flowmeter with 2-point vaildation
  • VKIT-LFM2-3: v-kit HPLC liquid flowmeter with 3-point vaildation
  • VKIT-LFM2-4: v-kit HPLC liquid flowmeter with 4-point vaildation


If you require flowmeter calibration, or repair and calibration, follow this link to our HPLC flowmeter calibration request form.

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